Amrita Ramakrishnan (Alto 2/ Vice President)

Amrita is a Psychology major and an English minor. Though she wants to work with mentally ill children, that is not her only interest! She considers herself an anglophile, is on the SBU equestrian team, dreams of being a stunt double for Parminder Nagra, and loves music. Well duh, she is in the Pipettes!

This is her second year in the Pipettes as an alto two, and her first as Vice President, which is awesome considering she forgot all the words to her song at her audition. Though she can't sing in a true, sultry man voice, she loves to try!

In her free time, Amrita walks her pet lemming around Circle Road, and when asked about what she plans to do with her life, responses such as "win the lottery," "strike oil" and "marry rich" are common responses.


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