May 28th, 2011

Sorry this is coming so late, but thanks to all who came out to our concert earlier this month. It was awesome singing with those sizzling High C boys and we hope you enjoyed hearing us as much as we loved singing for you!
On a sad side note, we said farewell to some of our graduating ladies :*( Thank you Sara, Jess, Nicole, and Jackie for you fabulous voices and all the wonderful memories! Look ahead to a possible Alumni page to give proper tribute to past-Pipes...
And speaking of looking to the future, we have a wonderful new E-board elected for this coming semester. Congrats to Julia (President), Amrita (VP), Rachel G (Secretary), Allison (Treasurer) and Cynthia (Musical Director)... we know our group will be safe in your capable hands!
Hope everyone enjoys their summer. Stay safe, get a tan, keep singing, and see you in the fall!


April 11th, 2011

Wow, how does time fly by so fast?  Can't believe we've only got about 5 weeks left to the semester, but we still have plenty of gigs so don't fret!  Firstly, our trip to RIT was absolutely amazing, WELL worth the 16 hour drive over the course of one weekend.  We got to share the stage with RIT's Brick City Singers and Aural Fixation from Boston U, and make use of a delicious sound system with a grand total of 13 mics!!  We hardly knew what to do with ourselves, it was that epic.  We also performed at the annual Drag Show right here at Stony Brook on March 31st and April 1st, and we ladies always love gettin' our guy-look on and rockin' out the facial hair.  Check out pics of us as really hot guys in our picture gallery. ;) Coming up, be sure to tune in to WUSB 90.1 FM on Wed the 13th between 7 and 10 PM as we should be performing live!  That's about it until break, but after that we'll be at Relay for Life supporting that awesome cause so if you haven't already, register to join in on the fun and feel free to donate to the American Cancer Society; every little bit helps to make a difference. :)  Alright, stay cool out there, spring will be here soon, and have a great spring break everyone!  Till next time! 

 March 21st, 2011

Hello again!  Brief update on things...firstly, congrats to Gayatri Setia who got the solo for the newest edition to our repertoire, Love Song, arranged by our own Julia Clunn!  Also, we had a fantastic time at Centereach HS with all the other talented a cappella singers there, both at the high school and college level; it was an epic a cappella love-fest for sure.  This week we're performing at Cafe Mendy on Thursday the 24th around 9 PM, so if you're in the area, come out to see us!  And last but certainly not least, we are VERY excited about our RIT trip this upcoming weekend...thanks go out to their Brick City Singers for the invite!  Quick spoiler alert for April: we're going to perform at SBU's first Relay for Life on April 30th-May 1st and we're going to participate as a team as well, so if you feel like supporting this awesome cause feel free to donate to us!  Alright, that's it for now; until next time!

 March 8th, 2011

Hey Pipettes fans!  So we're hard at work on a few new pieces which we hope to debut at some of our upcoming gigs in next few weeks.  First off, we'll be performing at Centereach High School on Saturday March 12th at 7 PM, along with the High-C's, the Potsdam Pointercounts, and some local high school groups.  Should be an excellent night of music. :)  The next big thing on our agenda is that we've been invited to RIT the weekend of March 25-27th to perform in the Brick City Singers' Night of A Cappella (NOAC) that Saturday night!  We're very excited about meeting other groups from other campuses, spreading some a cappella love, and for the epic roadtrip potential.  There are some more gigs in the wings for the end of March and early April, but that's probably enough for now.  More to come soon!

 February 28th, 2011

Hello again!  We had a great turn out for our auditions a couple weeks ago, and would like to congratulate our newest member, Gayatri Setia!  We're excited to start rehearsing with another lovely voice this upcoming week.  Also, we really enjoyed performing at the Vagina Monologues, and 4 of our girls participated in the show itself as well, so really it was just a vag-tastic time had by all. ;)  We've got some new songs lined up to learn and conquer these next few weeks and quite a few gigs in the works for March, so there are plenty of opportunities to hear us before the semester's out.  Till next time! 

 February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  We're all looking forward to our auditions this week on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 15th and 16th, and hope a lot of girls come out to show us what they've got!  Also, congrats to Cynthia Tolson, who got the solo for the newest edition to our repertoire, Misery Business.  We should be performing that sometime in the near future...possibly at our upcoming gig at the Vagina Monologues?  Feb 24th and 25th, come out to see us and enjoy a great night of giggles and va-jay-jay talk.  More to come soon!

PS. Don't you like the new website? :D


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