Julia Clunn (Soprano 1/President) 


Miss Julia is the blondest one in the picture to the right...and she will always be the blondest one. Julia has been a part of the Pipettes since her freshman year in 2007, meaning that technically she's the "oldest member" of the group at the moment...which is really bizarre considering her first gig with the group involved pigtails and dressing up like Baby Spice. Don't ask.

Julia loves to sing high-birdy-soprano notes but also loves to provide the group's Vocal Percussion...and she is torn betwixt these loves!

She is an English Literature/ German Language double major (double the fun AND double the poverty after graduation!) and spends her spare time avoiding her homework by arranging music for the Pipettes.

Julia is devoted to this group and can't imagine SBU without her lovely ladies! 


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