Regina Im (Soprano 2)

Regina is one of the babies that has joined the Pipettes this year! She's currently a freshman studying with a biology major and hopes to become a pediatrician someday. She loves kids, although she's sure the feeling won't be mutual once she becomes a big, scary doctor :P

Regina enjoys singing as an S2 (<- Especially because the abbreviations make a heart!) and she feels at home being able to bust out notes. Of course, home is figurative because Regina is from California! She misses home dearly, but she's excited o embark on a journey by herself...let's see how excited she is when it starts snowing! Hopefully some of the Pipettes are willing to help her make snowmen :)

In her spare time, Regina likes to write letters, eat, re-watch old cartoons and reminisce with Disney. She loves taking pictures and sometimes wishes she was a squirrel. The ones at Stony Brook eat their nuts upside down in trees, and that's legit!


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